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A Biography of the Khoniakiv Silver Hoard


Over a century ago, Polish archaeologist Piotr Ignacy Bieńkowski (1865–1925) began piecing together the lives of four silver vessels discovered in a hoard near present-day Khoniakiv (Хоняків), Ukraine. In 1929, Bieńkowski’s university colleagues shaped his research into a posthumous article, “O skarbie srebrnym z Choniakowa na Wolyniu” [On the Silver Treasure from Khoniakiv in Volynia]. This essay both recounts and builds on Bieńkowski’s extensive research. More archives and documents have become accessible since the 1910s, which have allowed me to fill in the gaps of Bieńkowski’s research. Furthermore, I continue tracing the unexpected lives of these vessels through present-day 2021.


Submitted for review